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JAD Foods

JAD FOODS - Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a broker?
No, I am the salesperson of record for each company that I represent. I am your contact person, the representative responsible for ensuring your satisfaction for all of your business needs.
Does Jad Foods deliver my products?
Jad Foods does not distribute or ship products directly; orders are delivered by the respective companies that you wish to order from.
Who do we call to place our order?
As a new customer, your orders will be personally placed through Jad Foods. Once we are familiar with your company and your needs, future orders can be placed directly to the individual company you wish to order from.
When is the deadline for orders?
Deadlines for orders vary from company to company. This should be discussed with your salesperson prior to your first order.
What do I do if my order is delivered, and it is not correct?
Jad Foods is concerned about your problems, and will deal with your individual concerns personally. Please call your salesperson IMMEDIATELY if there is a problem. Jad Foods is proud to represent you and in doing so will make sure that all of your concerns are taken care of in a timely fashion.
Are samples available?
In most instances, complimentary samples are available. Please ask your salesperson for more details.